> A selection of companies
The Solvay group (international company: internal communication), BKN (Strasbourg : communication), Unlockvision (Paris : marketing reports and market research), Techswap (Brussels: web design and maintenance of Techswap.com,Techswap3d.be and Cooltools.be), Goldwasser Exchange (Brussels: content of the website), Comment ça marche ? Santé et médecine (website content, 500+ pages), Fleur de papier (museum-related projects), and many more.

> Public institutions
Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Final report of the International Conference on the Transposition of European Directives, organised by the Belgian Presidency of the European Union)

> Translation and web design
English translation of numerous documents for various companies (marketing reports and market research, internal communications, website content, etc.) and public institutions (Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Web design and maintenance of several company websites.